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ERACUP Black Lions Racing Team

We are six dutch students trying to build the fastest possible racing car, will you help us?

In the rapidly changing world of things like ‘fintechs’ and ‘bigtechs’ Rabobank’s ideology is one of a better world.
A world in which we help customers to achieve good financial health and sustainable growth, and to make a significant contribution to the major global issues.
We do this by making digitalization and innovation a high priority. We are driven by our mission, a long-term focus and a firm belief in the power of cooperation.
And without innovation? There is no progress!
Therefore we are proud to make it possible for Black Lions Racing Team to build a fast electric racing car. With that car they can play a master role in the so called ERA Cup; an initiative that highlights the global climate issues. There is a long way to go in motorsports but this initiative is determined to be a force for change.


800W 36V Brushed DC motor


20 Ah, 36V battery pack


Front: 10*4.5-5
Rear: 11*7.1-5



Hi, I’m Lars van Brussel. I’m 17 years old and in my final year of the secondery school “Lodewijk college”.
When I stumbled across the ERACUP, I instantly knew I had to take the chance.
In this project, I want to learn as much as I can about taking on big projects, working on a racecar and, of course, I want to build the fastest car. My dream is to become a Formula 1 engineer.

Lars van Brussel

team member, Lodewijk College

Hello, I am Lars Pieters, I am 17 years old and at 5 VWO.

When Lars van Brussel told me about this project, I was immediately interested. I really like technology and being creative, this project is perfect for that.

Lars Pieters

team member, Reynaert College

Hello my name is Leon Pladdet. I’m 16 years old and I’m working on the first year of my ICT study. Outside my study I’m busy with 3D printing, Home Automation and developing my own IOT devices.

When this project came over I saw many opportunities and challenges to learn new things.
I’ve always liked driving electric vehicles. Nothing is crazy enough for me.

Leon Pladdet

team member, Scalda

Hello, my name is Niek Schlooz and I am 18 years old. I am currently in my final year of HAVO and after this, I want to study ICT at the HZ. I have a big passion for Formula 1 and I’m always up for trying new things.

Just like everyone else in this project I have a passion for innovation and am always up for new experiences or things to learn.

Niek Schlooz

team member, Lodewijk College

Hello, my name is Karsten Stolk. I’m 16 years old and in my 6th and final year of secondary school.
I have had the thought of making a little car or kart myself for a long time and saw an amazing opportunity when I heard about the ERA CUP competition.
I’ve always loved big projects like this and was thrilled to hear I could participate without any previous experience in racing.My specialties are 3d printing, electronics design, and the worst enemy of them all, resource management.
When it comes down to it, I love to keep things perfectly balanced, as all things should be. My dream is to become an electrical engineer and develop all kinds of electronics.

Karsten Stolk

team member, Lodewijk College

Hi, I’m Jarno Voermans. I’m 17 years old and in my final year of the secondary school Lodewijk College.
When Lars came to me with this project, I instantly knew that I wanted to join him.
In this project, I hope to learn some more technical skills for the next step in my career: becoming a maritime officer.

Jarno Voermans

team member, Lodewijk College



3D-modellen, simulaties en tekeningen: de bouw kan beginnen bij het Black Lions Racing Team

Het bouwpakket is binnen: de bouw van de elektrische kart van het Zeeuws-Vlaamse Black Lions Racing Team kan beginnen. Een groep scholieren bouwt zelf een duurzame, elektrische kart en gaat daar later dit jaar wedstrijden mee rijden tijdens de Eracup, een race voor scholieren die het leuk vinden om met techniek bezig te zijn. 

Zeeuws-Vlaamse scholieren bouwen elektrische kart om te racen

Techniek, school en vrije tijd gaan hand in hand: dat bewijzen zes scholieren uit Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, het Black Lions Racing Team. Zij bouwen een elektrische kart om mee te doen aan de Eracup.

Black Lions-scholieren willen de snelste raceploeg zijn

Winnen, dat willen ze. De zes jongeren van het Black Lions Racing Team uit Terneuzen. Met hun zelfgebouwde elektrische racewagen als snelste over de finishstreep komen. Alleen, dan hebben ze wél sponsors nodig. 



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